Each county in West Virginia receives $ 100,000 from the state for a COVID-19 response

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Grants from the office of Governor Jim Justice of $ 100,000 go to each of the 55 counties of West Virginia to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Justice says county commissions have some flexibility in how these “hero pay” grants are spent.

Justice has admitted that it was not perfect, because it is difficult to distinguish who is a hero during this crisis and who is not.

On Friday, the Cabell County Commission received its check for $ 100,000 from the state.

In a written statement, the Cabell County Commission stated that the letter it had received did not specify that the money was intended for “remuneration of the heroes”, but that the funds from the block grant could not be used only for purposes authorized by the federal coronavirus assistance, rescue and economic security program. Law, which means that these funds can only be used to cover the necessary expenses related to the pandemic until the end of the year.

Cabell County Commissioner Kelli Sobonya said they were not allowed to give bonuses, but it is possible that part of this subsidy could be used as overtime pay for workers who meet health emergency. It could also go to the purchase of personal protective equipment for health care workers.

Sobonya said the commission would begin discussing the exact destination of the funds at its meeting on Tuesday, although no decision has been made on the matter.

How these funds are used will be communicated to the governor’s office. Sobonya says they will be transparent about where every penny goes.

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