East Spring won the second prize for the best prudent fund in the year 2022

East Spring Asset Management (Thailand) announced that the company received the second first prize for the prudent fund. “TMBAM M Choice Registered Provident Fund” Pooled Fund, Asset Management Group The fund size is more than 10,000 million baht, receiving a plaque from the Ministry of Finance in the outstanding provident fund competition. Win the Royal Shield of King Kanitthathirat Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn 10th Royal Princess of the Year Maha Chakri Sirindhorn 2022 on September 23

Mrs Krongchan Sakulyong, Director of Foundation, Provident Fund and High Net Worth, said that the strengths of prudent fund management of Eastspring Asset Management (Thailand) will diversify its investments to a variety of assets around the world to meet all investment needs. And the most special with investment options and specialist service. Handle all aspects by giving members 3 powers
The Power of a Clear Goal with the Retire Rich Workbook program that helps simulate members’ future investment results to make investment goal setting easy. with a team of investment advisers who have the expertise and good experience to advise you throughout the investment journey

Power of Options which allows members to choose from 6 possible asset classes including the money market, fixed income, mixed funds, domestic and international stocks. The company also has a Retirement Target Fund managed by a team of fund managers who automatically adjust investment portfolios throughout. investment cycle

Power of Action with the FundLink M service, a 24-hour online service channel so members can control every investment moment in their hands. In addition, the system also calculates the purchase price and can change investment policies every business day. with automatic portfolio adjustment function (Auto Rebalancing)

“For the award received this time As a representative of the company and employees I feel very proud because it is like a confirmation of the quality of our service. And it’s another encouragement that will allow us to strive to develop our products and services even further.” Mrs. Krongchan said that for provident fund services from East Spring Asset Management (Thailand) Co, Ltd currently offers PVD service to RMF, an option for members who quit their jobs or have funds stable money transfer from PVD to continue investing in RMF. This year there is a promotion. special Only accumulating net investment amount in RMF of East Spring Asset Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. for every 50,000 baht, receive special investment. In Thanachart Fund, manage money worth 100 baht if you invest according to the conditions

However, if you are interested in investing, you can see more details at www.eastspring.co.th or call 1725 during business hours or through the company’s sales channels or an authorized sales and redemption support representative

• Please understand product features, returns and risks. before investing
• Investors should study the provident fund investment manual transferred from the provident fund.
• Comparison of performance/past performance in relation to capital market products. It is not a guarantee of future performance.

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