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The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Edgar Vasquez, announced that restaurants that comply with sanitary protocols will be able to serve the public in their premises with 40% of their capacity from July 1.

The owner of the Mincetur indicated that in phase 2 the restaurants began with the service of delivery and now in phase 3 they will be able to serve the restaurants in their rooms to the public.

“Phase 3 will start on July 1, from there all those restaurants that may be prepared to apply the (sanitary) protocol that must be published before that date by the Ministry of Production,” he said in Latina TV.

He explained that in phase 3 provides for an automatic start and as in the previous phases, businesses and companies have a number of days to register their “Plan for surveillance, prevention and control of covid-19 at work” in the Integrated System for covid-19 companies (Siscovid).

“What they have to do is implement the protocol and obviously there will be a subsequent inspection, as we have done with deliverys, initially we are going to start with a capacity of 40%,” he said.

Likewise, other measures such as the distance between tables and other sanitary aspects will be taken into account.

Minister Edgar Vásquez stressed that restaurants during the start-up stage with delivery, fostered consumer confidence with their health protocols.

He also mentioned that they have already been working with 10 restaurant guilds who work in a more formal and structured way, to implement care protocols in their classrooms.

He also pointed out that the tourism sector is the most affected by the coronavirus pandemic when tourists stop arriving and the restaurants close at the beginning of the quarantine.

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