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Thrissur: The worship is complete. Vidya Rambha and Vijaya Dashami Thousands of children will come to Vidya Rambha. Many people came to see the vithanam clan in Urakam temple. It is decorated with fruits offered by sheep as offerings. Pooja was also held in different institutions. Music festivals, pyjas and dance festivals are held in hundreds of temples for nine days.

The first letter of Maduramekan Thirullakkav Temple

Addition: Tiruvullakkav Temple, which has led countless children to the world of knowledge about ‘Harishree’ over the years, is ready for the start of education. Writing in the temple is between 4 am and noon and from 5 pm to 6 pm.

The inscription is placed in the Vidyarambha Mandapam in front of the Saraswati Mandapam inside the temple. More than 50 Acharyas of Tiruvullakkav Variyam write. Sreedharan Warrier will lead the charge.

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