“El Marro” mother leaves prison after staying there for a week

Guanajuato.- María Eva Ortiz, mother of José Antonio Yépez Ortiz “El Marro”, leader of the Santa Rosa CartelShe left the Puentecillas prison in Guanajuato a few moments ago, where she was imprisoned for a week.

After being released by a control judge this Sunday afternoon, Mary Eva He crossed the doors of that state prison, along with the other four people arrested on June 20 in San Isidro Elguera, Celaya municipality.

Prior to the lady’s departure, the intense operation that deployed state and federal forces in the vicinity of that prison during their stay was blurred.

EL UNIVERSAL announced before anyone else that a control judge had declared the five persons arrested and accused by the State Prosecutor’s Office of crimes against health in their possession for sale purposes, not related to the process.

The Prosecutor’s Office could not verify any crime before the court, so there were no evidence to allow the five people to be released.

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