Eliminating the last Lenin of Finland Accelerating de-neutral and pro-Western movements

Finland, which declared “de-neutrality” in the wake of the Ukraine war, removed the last remaining bust of Vladimir Lenin on the 4th (local time), AFP news agency reported.

This bust depicts the former Soviet Union (Soviet) national rich, socialist revolutionary Lenin, with his right hand clenched in his chin, thinking He was introduced to the southern city of Kokka.

The bust, erected in the city square of Kotka over the next decades, suffered many hardships.

On one occasion, the Finnish government apologized to the Soviet Union after someone painted red paint on the bust’s arm, reported Sanomat, Helsingin daily.

Over time, Lenin’s bust has become part of the Kokka city landscape, and some residents have expressed an affinity for it.

Finland declared independence after civil war broke out in the former Russian Empire after the Bolsheviks seized power, led by Lenin, in 1917. It did.

After the end of the Second World War, in order to escape the threat of the Soviet Union, it was forced to live as a neutral country that kept its distance from the West and the communist bloc, and the term ‘Finishization’ was coined. to refer to this, the AFP news agency explained.

So, when Lenin Square in the center of Kotka was demolished, some residents burst into champagne to celebrate.

However, on the other hand, protesters were also seen waving Russian flags, according to AFP news agency.

“It’s a great thing to have the bust of the creator of one of the world’s most vicious regimes off the streets here,” said Marty Leikkonen, who is 77 years old.

Before this, statues of figures erected during the Soviet era were also demolished one after another in other areas of Finland.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as an opportunity, it moved away from military neutrality for the first time in 74 years and applied for NATO membership to secure a move in favor of the West.

In April, a bust of Lenin was toppled in the center of a western Turkish city, and in August a bronze statue called ‘World Peace’, given to Helsinki by Moscow city authorities in 1990, was also toppled, AFP reported.

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