Elon Musk threatens to relocate Tesla headquarters if confinement by Covid-19 continues

“Frankly, it is the drop that overflows the glass. Tesla will immediately move its headquarters and future projects to Texas / Nevada. And if we had to maintain a manufacturing activity in Fremont, it will depend on how we are treated,” Musk said in one of those long tirades that he usually throws on his Twitter account. And those that are not always followed by real actions.

He highlighted Tesla’s experience in China, where its manufacturing plant reopened after the epidemic of Covid-19 was controlled.

“Tesla knows much more about what to do to be safe through our experience at the Tesla factory in China than an interim (unelected) interim official in Alameda County,” near San Francisco and where the factory is located. said the magnate, who has just had a son.

He also assured that he will sue Alameda County “immediately”, accusing his authorities of being “irrational and out of step” with reality.

Previously, he had stated during a conference call with financial analysts that they had generated a stir, due to the closure of the Fremont plant since March 12. On that occasion, he considered that the extent of citizen confinement was “fascist” and “undemocratic”.

Tesla managed to post a modest, but surprising, profit of $ 16 million in the first quarter, a 33% increase in auto deliveries and a 32% increase in billing, to $ 5.990 million.

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