Emirates Airlines resumes its flights to Cairo and Tunis on July 1st

Source: Arabic.net

Emirates official website revealed that the company resumes its flights to Cairo and Tunisia from the first of July.

It is expected that the carrier will operate 21 weekly flights to Cairo, starting from the first of next July aboard “Boeing 777 R300” and “Airbus A380”.

Adel Al Reda, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates Airlines, said earlier that the airline plans to increase its number of destinations to 50 destinations during the month of July, where ten new destinations will be added to the passenger flights network periodically according to the size of the request, and more destinations will be opened in Germany and Britain Within days due to the high demand for these destinations.

Al-Rida added during a virtual press interview with the local media, that since the decision to allow travel of citizens and residents that came into effect in addition to allowing visitors to be received starting from July 7, the carrier has witnessed a significant increase in the numbers of reservations and requests to return to residents abroad, and that there is an increase in reservations Which will contribute to operating flights to new destinations and other airlines to operate flights to the Emirates.

He pointed out that the number of aircraft that are currently used reaches 50 aircraft, and it is expected that there will be a gradual increase in the entry of the aircraft to service, pointing out that the impact of the current conditions on the future of orders is premature because the orders are supposed to be received from 2023, while the current orders are there Delays from the manufacturer and conversations going on with it.

Al-Reda confirmed that the Airbus A380 is one of the planes that we plan to enter into service on July 15th, then the planes will be entered successively according to the destination and the size of the request, and it is expected that from the beginning of next month the businessmen lounge will open

Emirates Airlines also revealed several additional measures and measures that would establish health and safety standards at an industry level, both on the ground and on the ground.

Last month, the company announced new safeguards and precautions on its planes to ensure the health and safety of its employees and customers from the outbreak of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Recently, Dubai Airports Corporation confirmed its readiness and readiness to support the resumption of scheduled operations for Emirates Airlines through Dubai International Airport, noting that all flights will depart from Terminal 3 at the airport.

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