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◇ Dong-A Exhibition Co, Ltd will hold the ‘9th Dong-A Architecture & Interior Expo’ at SETEC, Gangnam-gu, Seoul between 10 am and 6 pm on October 6-9. You can buy interior goods, materials, tools, equipment, etc. after seeing and handling them. ◇ Former National Assembly member Kwak Dae-hoon was elected as the new president of the Saemaul Undong Federation on the 29th. The new chairman, Kwak, served as the mayor of Dalseo-gu in Daegu and the 20th member of the National Assembly. ◇ The Gimpo Cultural Foundation, together with the Village Cultural Community Social Cooperative, held an Italian tour talk concert, piano concert, and film screening at the outdoor plus of the Gimpo Hanok Village Art Village on October 1st from 6:00 to 9:40 pm. Gimpo International Youth Film Festival (GIYFF) Italian Culture Day. See the website (forms.gle/HrmgpvEKXqzhMXqa8). ◇ Handok (a pharmaceutical company) and the Korean Family Medicine Society of Basic Medical Dementia Research Society selected Professor Jung-eun Yoo of Seoul National University Hospital and Professor Kang Seo-young of Seoul Asan Hospital respectively as the winners and the organizations that received the 8th Primary Medical Science Award on the 29th. ◇ The Financial Supervisory Service announced on the 29th that Korea University Law School, Professor Kim Tae-jin (financial investment sector), banking sector, Byeong-ho Seo, Senior Research Fellow at the Financial Research Institute, small people sector and middle Seo Ji- yong Professor of Business Administration at Sangmyung University, Seong-won Park Insurance Department, Gwanghwa Law Office Attorney, Consumer Division, Choi Cheol, Sookmyung Women’s University professor, etc. appointed by the Ombudsman. ◇ The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold the ‘2022 Seoul Gugak Festival’ at Donhwamun Gugak-ro in Seoul until the 2nd of next month. Gugak musicians such as Choi Kyung-man, Wang Ki-cheol and Wang Ki-seok brothers, and Sangsangru will grace the stage and perform collaborative performances with various genres such as rock, jazz, and hip-hop. ◇ To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the excavation of Cheonmachong in Gyeongju from October 3 to November 4, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage will open a competition for three ideas: a Korean name, a symbol (emblem), and a slogan (slogan) that contains the meaning and Cheonmachong excavation vision. ◇ The Personal Information Protection Commission and the Korea Internet and Security Agency held the ‘1st Personal Information Risk Response Contest’ until November 15 to seek countermeasures against the leakage and illegal distribution of personal information occurring on the dark web (web in a network encrypted). open See website (spectory.net/kisa/legality/2022/1). ◇ SK Broadband will host the ‘5th Media Creation Competition’ under the ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) theme in our neighborhood with the Viewers Media Foundation and the National Media Center Council until November 3rd. See the website (krmedia.org). ◇ The National Museum of Korea, together with the Daegu National Museum, will hold a special exhibition ‘Hanbok-It’s a silk garment in bloom’ at the Incheon Airport Museum located on the west side of the Incheon International Airport concourse until February 28, the next year A total of 28 pieces will be introduced, including colored jackets, skirts, hats and accessories. ◇ BANK (Cyber ​​Diplomatic Mission) launched a campaign on the 29th to demand a correction from Harvard Business School, which teaches students with textbooks that contain distorted history, such as ‘Goryeo is a vassal of China’ and ‘Korea developed thanks to Japan ‘. he started ◇ On the 29th, the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology received a development fund of 1 billion won by the chairman of KBI Hanam, an information industry center built jointly with government and private capital for the first time in Gwangju.

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