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Esteban Ocon’s No.31 Alpine A522 caught fire at Parc Ferme after the F1 Sao Paulo GP sprint on Saturday, November 12th. The team suspected a fuel leak.

Alpine is currently investigating the cause and extent of the damage, and although the details are not known, Ocon made contact with his teammate Fernando Alonso on the first lap. As the right rear floor and side pods were damaged, it is suspected that the fire had something to do with it.

This was a separate incident to the one which caused Alonso to receive a five-second penalty, but the damage caused a significant drop in performance, and allowed Ocon, who started from 6th on the grid, to overtake one after another and finish in 18th. ending It was really a bee fire with tears on my face.

Ocon, who took off his helmet, said, “As a team, it’s a real shame that this happened. Anyway, that’s all I can think about right now.”

“The sidepod is completely open. It’s a wonder it didn’t fly out. The car also caught fire and I hope there’s no more damage.”

“I got out of the cockpit and walked to the weigh-in and saw that the car was on fire. I thought it was Williams but it was actually mine.”

“It is true that the whole body is damaged. I don’t know what will happen.”

“He was so great in qualifying yesterday, and today he fell so far behind.”

“Tomorrow’s race is definitely to score points. We have to work together to fight through the field.”

Ocon will start Sunday’s main race from 17th on the grid due to the penalty against Alonso.

Interlagos is easy to overtake. Accepting the pitlane start, it is worth considering a setup change with a parc fermé break to catch up.

Especially this weekend only 60 minutes of practice was allowed before parc ferme.

George Russell (Mercedes) took victory from behind in the F1 Sao Paulo GP sprint 2022. Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) was second and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) third.

The final race formation lap started at 27:00 on November 13 (Sunday) Japan time. Compete for the championship by completing 71 laps of the 4309m Interlagos Circuit.

F1 Sao Paulo GP special feature

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