Even the kissing scenes are taken like this..! Sania with a revelation!

Sania is a star who entered the film world through the dance scene. Sania Iyyappan has played big and small roles alongside leading actors. Now the actress has spoken about the intimate scenes in the filming. Sania talked about how to film intimate scenes including kissing scenes. Sania has said that she never shoots such scenes in front of many people.


The actress said that the artiste should be comfortable there.. That’s why such intimate scenes are shot after making us comfortable.. and not in front of everyone.. The artiste can decide who they want .. Sometimes that’s what many people do. Some people say.. us. What is the problem if you wait.. How many people will see this scene when the movie releases tomorrow..

Iyyappan's cow

But, even if many people think so, when we see some people acting it, we might find it difficult.. It will affect our character.. So we can make scenes of’ such only if we are comfortable.. In the industry, close to you scenes are made now after looking at that, said Sania.

Meanwhile, Sania’s latest film is Saturday Nights. Starring Nivin Pauly, the film also stars Aju Varghese, Grace Antony, Siju Wilson and Saiju Kurup.

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