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Ewa Minge boasts of a freshly shaped face contour: “I have received a new chap. BLACK!” (PICTURES)

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It’s no secret that most of the stars of Polish show business love to share the details of their private lives online. Celebrities are eager to show fans not only exotic holidays or expensive creations, but even reports on childbirth …

Also definitely belongs to the group of lovers of social media Ewa Minge. The designer regularly publishes on her instagram profile extensive entries, in which she presents to the world her thoughts on the reality surrounding her. He also eagerly comments on the actions of his famous friends.


Recently, Minge went a step further and decided to show the world a photographic relationship with aesthetic medicine surgery. Immediately after casting her vote in the Sunday presidential election, the designer marched to her favorite clinic and she modeled her jaw with a series of injections.

Vote cast in elections and later my choice in old age. Continued rebuilding of what has broken down time and various other fortunes. There was also my stupidity (…) Today, Dr. Ania took care of my face contour. After dealing with excess volume, my skin began to hang, literally. The excess, which has been unnoticeable for the last 10 years, because the face is notoriously swollen, after removing the balloon turned out to be a big problem. But for me, these overhangs were a lot more beautiful than the pumpkin I had instead of my face until recently. I say: let it hang !!! But Ania says: no, nothing will hang – Minge wrote on Instagram.


Then the designer described in detail to her admirers what treatments she intends to improve the condition of the face skin in the near future.

First, we will rebuild the condition of the body, it will affect the skin that gets a kick from the inside. We will add laser and other clever treatments like mesotherapy, lymphatic massages and a few more. After making the skin elastic, we strengthen it with threads, which we have recently done and finish the work with the volume of the jaw. And so today I received a new jaw without pain and chin contouring included. It is important that the face does not gain any volume, which I am oversensitive after years of suffering. Everything but no fillers! It turns out that given properly they do not change facial features, and they simply refresh its outline and skin tone in the most sensitive places – she explained.

The designer did not even try to hide her excitement about the effects of the procedure. Minge emphasized that a visit to the clinic is a personal decision of each woman. She also appealed for greater understanding for women who prefer to help nature a little.


The famous hamsters have disappeared, and according to the girls … mandible razor blade! I remind those who dream of a dignified old age that it is their choice, mine is like many other women who have flooded me with fantastic news and questions (…) We are talking recently about tolerance. Tolerance is not just skin color or sexual orientation. Tolerance is respect for other people’s choices, even if they are radically different from ours – Ewa Minge admitted.

See how the designer boasts of contouring the face. Do you think that soon will show more treatments on the web?



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