Facing the Guoan tofu slag defense line, Haigang was not sealed at all and Wu Lei would not play football?_Match_Goal_Chance

Original title: Facing the Guoan tofu slag defense line, the harbor was wiped out. Wu Lei will not play football anymore?

On October 5th, Beijing time, the 21st round of Chinese Super League 2022 continued. Beijing Guoan faced Shanghai Haigang on the road. In the end, Guoan Haigang defeated 1-0 with Gao Tianyi’s goal, ending the opponent’s 3-game winning streak . It is worth noting that Guoan finally got a clean sheet again in this game, and the Haigang players are collectively out of shape It seems that Lecco will face a new wave of pressure.

Both teams were in good condition before this match. Haigang won consecutive battles. Wu Lei scored twice in the last round. Although Guoan did not lose, he was trapped in defensive line problems. The opponent even scored again in by the vice squad leader Hebei Team So, before this game, the outside world was not hopeful that the Guoan team could defend the goal, but Haigang, who was in high spirits, had a better chance of winning.

The starting line was unexpected. Wu Lei was injured before, and did not take the risk to play in this game, N’Diaye was replaced by Lecco. Ao and Vargas organized the attack in midfield. Guoan only sent two foreign players to start The injured Adebenlo and Dablo were on hand as substitutes, Wang Ziming got successive opportunities to play Zhang Chengdong switched to play as a midfielder, and Zhang Yuning was still the forward.

After the game started, Haigang took the initiative on the scene, Guoan could only rely on counterattacks to threaten the opponent, but even though Haigang had been controlling the ball, he could not threaten Guoan’s goal. Instead , Guoan took advantage of several counterattacks. He knocked on the door under Yan Junling’s protection.

In the first 10 minutes, Guoan had 3 chances to attack the goal, but Haigang really had a threatening attack until the 15th minute of the game. In the 21st minute, Guoan took advantage of a corner kick to break the deadlock from Gao Tianyi. It is worth noting that this goal was also Gao Tianyi’s first goal after joining Guoan. In the following games, Haigang became more and more anxious to play, but Guoan Shou was at hand.

In the second half, N’Diaye, who replaced Wu Lei, had two good chances to score goals in a row, but he was in no condition today, not only him, but many Haigang players were not in shape, either’ the pass was wrong or the shot was not correct. Guoan used Haigang to press forward, and made two counterattacks at the last moment of the game. Zhang Yuning and Adebenluo hit the post in succession, and finally Haigang also suffered a 0-1 loss at home.

Haigang’s momentum has been very strong recently, and Wu Lei and others have gradually improved their performance. But Wu Lei missed this game due to injury, and Haigang’s offense seemed to be back in the first leg. Although N Diaye scored 6 goals, is the top scorer in the team at the moment, but most of his 6 goals were very simple shots in front of the goal, and only after hitting the goal several times these 6 goals came back. The efficiency is extremely low. If it wasn’t for Wu Lei’s injury, I believe N’Diaye wouldn’t have a chance to start.

You have to know that Guoan conceded 27 goals in the previous 18 games, which is the team that conceded the most goals among the top 10, while Haigang is the team that conceded the least number of goals. even group There was not a single threatening shot, and the opponent was given a clean sheet in vain. Coach Lecco is helpless in the face of such a situation. I must say that his control ability on the spot is also a big problem. Can this problem really be solved with just one Wu Lei? It seems that the port’s tactics really need to change. (DD)Return to Sohu, see more


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