Fans clash during a football match in Argentina; One person was killed

Fans clash during a football match in Argentina; One person was killed

One person died in a clash during a football match in Argentina. The incident happened during the league match held yesterday in Argentina.

The crowd turned violent during the match between the home team Gimnasia Y.Esgrima and Boca Juniors. The trouble was started by the supporters of the Esgrima Gymnasium team.

Fans standing outside were causing trouble for fans entering the Juan Carmelo Cerrillo Stadium in La Plata.

The police who arrived at the scene tried to control the crowd and used tear gas when people did not cooperate. With that, there was more conflict and some of the fans became violent.

Apart from tear gas, rubber bullets were used to drive out the encroaching supporters. One person was killed during this.

Argentina’s security minister, Juan Carmelo Cerrillo, said that one of the spectators died of a heart attack in the stampede at the stadium.

The incident happened nine minutes after the start of the game. Referee Hernan Mastrangelo canceled the game when the problem became serious. League officials tweeted that the clash occurred because the organizers did not ensure adequate security at the stadium.

He added that FIFA security protocol advises against using tear gas in or around stadiums to avoid dangerous situations.

Meanwhile, some of the fans said that the organizers were charging exorbitant prices for the tickets to watch the game and that was what angered them.

The Argentine Football Association has not announced a date for the resumption of the competition.

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