“Fay” tells love trail with “Boy”, reveals man takes care of everything (with clip)

a beautiful singer “Fay Pornpawee” The love of the hero “Pakorn Boy” Today I will open my heart about the love path of the couple that has never been told before. He also turns a tiger into a cat. He is a young man who loves social media and social media. In this event, both families are a green light. Do you have any plans to decorate it? All editions of the talk show SHOW broadcast on Channel 31 with Ning Panita, Thanya Thanyares and Ajarn in one. as the host of the show

“Fay” tells love trail with “Boy”, the man takes care of everything (with clips)

How many months has it been launched?
Faye : About 3-4 months. If from the beginning, she’s almost gone.

Where did P’Boy’s love interest start?
Faye: P’Boy is usually quite simple, quite expressive. When there is a happy moment He felt he wanted to share. He did as he felt so.

When did you start flirting?
Faye : Faye and P Boy already know each other. But when it’s time for him to want to talk and get to know each other, that sends him a DM. but this one said If you want to get to know me, right? Faye said to get to know each other as brothers and sisters first.

How do you make Brother Boy fall in love with this so much?
Faye: Actually, I didn’t do anything. talk as usual But I think that Boe Boy himself has a sweet moment more than his face.

The image looks like a flirtatious man. Are you worried?
Faye : At first, before talking seriously, I heard some. but listen with your ears After speaking, there are many things we know better. feel confident and trustworthy

Was he embarrassed when he sent a DM for the first time?
Faye: When Boi talks to Faye, he talks very seriously. Especially when the first DM came, he wasn’t addicted to playfulness or anything. We might not feel bad but more shocked. How are you not behaving properly?

Thanks for the clip from the talk show.

Is it a specification?
Faye: He’s the older person who looks after us, he’s straight, I like men with you, tall men.

What kind of person is the Brother Boy corner we have?
Faye: He’s still a playful person. They are friendly people too. But there will be a sweet corner that we have never known through the media before. such as taking care of taking care, being anxious, rather wanting to talk to us all the time.

Do you have any sleepovers?

Faye: There will be some too. But it’s a small thing, like when you go somewhere, forget to say Be with friends, have fun, forget some Brother Boyon. We were joking around.

What do you call each other?
Faye : Start calling from you. and then call the name some call a guy If in a playful little moment, he will boo.

When you are asked to be a girlfriend?

Faye: It was very simple that day. That day we went to have lunch and ordered food. Then he pushed the food for a long time. And then he spoke briefly, so are you girlfriend? we note There was nothing for us to know in advance that that day would require. But we talked to a level where we were already close to each other for quite a while. Take care of each other as the most special person. At first, I thought when I asked, I didn’t feel anything. But when the time came, there was a real sense of excitement. It’s like an event we haven’t seen in a long time.

Are you under pressure to be a famous hero?
Faye: No pressure, because I feel we do everything as normal as possible. Maybe because we have been in the industry since childhood. Everything that came out, we half knew what was right and what wasn’t right, wanted to make everything more natural.

Brother Boy decided to launch the word “fan”. Well, how do you feel about the media?
Faye: Actually, it’s something he already understands. We work here and when we do something, it is already public. I think it’s nice that it’s being shared more.

Boy influence girls Besides you and the new day?
Faye: In front of the media, he can appear as an influential person. But the truth may not be there. Brother Boy’s story in the media As usual, Faye does things a little privately. But when we wait for a while After seeing this for a while, I’m used to it and feel it’s cute.

Turn a tiger into a cat?
Faye: Maybe with a bearded look. and fNly French too People can combine them with his look, making him look like a flirtatious man. As for Faye, she didn’t think P’Boy was a womanizer. from the acquaintance And with his personality that is very simple and open. He was a man with nothing to hide, what can he say?

How did you pass the new day checkpoint?
Faye: Maybe it’s a sisterhood? Faye understands that the new day has all the siblings. When meeting the older sister, there may be other things that can be played with. At first, Faye was a little nervous, knowing that Nong Wan Mai really liked her brother. But when I met her, she was very cute. Run in and play normally. I feel comfortable After that, we meet again and again. go to eat, go to the movies

Who is greedier?
Faye: P’Boi is more perverted. Speaking, he is already in a good mood. along with playful Use the sound, it’s a little sound, it’s at the right volume. do better Get some encouragement

When there are clips or captions that are sweet, are you shy?
Faye: At first, as time went by, He started to get more used to being a Guy. At first some screens said this is too sweet or not, would it be better to use this word instead?

Is Faye a romantic person?
Faye : Well, if there is a festival or occasion But maybe not every day.

What about Boy addicted to love, full 10?
Beans: 8-9

Be the first to appear for the first time How do you feel?
Faye: I’m surprised Boi has a girlfriend. I think it’s cute.

How jealous?
Faye: There must be jealousy. But we are not the ones who are stubborn or jealous for no reason. Huang usually does something that the field cares about. They all lead generally normal lives.

Do you have any jealousy?
Faye: I haven’t seen a moment that has anything to be jealous of. I believe it will be in the future.

Brother Boy announced that he is jealous of his girlfriend in the media?
Faye: Probably when we go to the beach. P’Boi will be someone who doesn’t like to dress sexy anyway. But when going to the beach, it’s normal, girls and swimsuits go together. When we post pictures, they are not banned. But we asked him a little. I didn’t send it to the screen, but I asked for some attention. If yes, send it to me, choose which one is more beautiful.

How many years apart are they?
Faye: 7-8 years old The age gap doesn’t mean we’re in our early 20s, we’re both grown up. Some views are not correct. Faye has a younger sister who is 10 years apart and we will also have a child’s perspective. But P’Boi has never seen that corner of the kids, it will be shared more. It is not likely that the views are inconsistent.

Going to Japan together?
Faye: It’s Bo’s friend’s idea again. At that time, I went on a group trip. There were about 5 people. It’s a country that Faye really likes. Brawd Boi also goes often. quite familiar with the place he took us to see We’ve been to Japan many times but there are still many areas we’ve never been to to open up a different world.

Is this trip everything?
Faye: Well, half of everything, because Faye will be the one planning this trip. Where do you want to go? What restaurant would you like to eat? He will be able to go wherever he wants.

Papa Saipay?
Faye: Everyone has a different definition of the word. He is known to take care of Faye in every way. Take good care

Just passed Brother Boy’s birthday, what are you getting?
Faye: About 2-3 pieces There are earrings because the boy has pierced ears as something that can be carried with him. The rest is clothes. We have already bought one. and find another new piece.
We feel that many pieces can also be given. Because we want lots of pieces too.

Two families met?
Faye: I’ll see you on a new day first. Then I had the opportunity to work in Boi’s studio, so I met my mother. As for the younger brother, Brother Boy has already met and worked together. Brother Boy met Faye’s family. Every time Boy comes to pick me up, he will meet his parents and say hello. P’Boy is a person who gets on well with adults.

Through both families?
Faye: We are both grown up, and the family is like giving the decision to the children.

The next stage of the plan, have we spoken yet?
Faye : Not yet, it’s just the beginning, learning slowly. Not in the planning stage, we are gradual. When I was young, I might want to get married before I turn 30, but now that I’m at that age, I feel like I’m still young. A lot of things I want to do. I believe that no time to set it is best. Because we don’t have to put pressure on ourselves. and don’t put pressure on others. In the adult corner, everything will be in sight, he will see that Brother Boy takes good care of us, takes care of us in all matters, he has good maturity in the eyes of parents who like him.

Did you meet your mother, Brother Boy tensed?
Faye: At first I was nervous. Knowing through Instagram, I saw that my mother was in a good mood. already cute And it’s as cute as it looks.

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