Female passengers fighting over seats in the train, a policeman injured after she intervened

Mumbai: A dispute over a seat in a train led to a fight between women passengers. The beating took place on Thursday in the women’s section of the Thane-Panavel local train in Mumbai. A female police officer was injured in the fight. A video of women hitting each other in the compartment is going viral on social media.

In the video, women can be seen hitting each other. A policeman on duty was injured in the stampede. As they approached Turbe station, an argument between three female passengers over a seat led to the beating. Police Inspector Sambhaji Katare of the Vashi Government Railway Police (GRP) says the incident turned into a big fight as more women in the compartment took part in their problem.

After the fight escalated, the passengers were fighting each other and climbing over the seats in the video. The video also shows two women bleeding from head injuries. This is what the police have to say about the incident – When a seat became empty at Turbe station, a passenger allowed a nearby woman to occupy the seat. But, at the same time, another woman also tried to sit in the same seat. This led to a commotion between the three women and some other passengers also joined in the commotion. Meanwhile, the female police officer who came to resolve the incident was also injured.

Sambhaji Katare said that Vashi GRP is investigating the incident and a case has been registered.

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