Fighting to protect the rights of weaker sections : Nattu Visesham

Chattannoor: Kerala Vedder Samaj Convention Declaration Held The burden of covering the rights of the weaker sections Scheduled Caste Scheduled Caste Community Against New Caste Policy The community’s 16th birthday will start the war tradition under your leadership.If not the Vashyas would agree, the massive civil unrest of the Samara Samiti would be organized with intellectual political support
State President Babu Pattamthuruth inaugurated the convention. General Secretary Jayamol P delivered the keynote speech.

KVS Thiruvananthapuram District President Kuhunmon Kallikad, KVS G. All President Rajesh Parangkot, Kollam District Secretary Manoharan Kaithako T, Tulseedharan Onolil, Sukumaran Charumkuzhi, KVS Kollam Talu Union President Shashankan Uliyanadu, Secretary Chandran Paravila, Shanta Kadak kal said.

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