FilGoal | News | Joseph Obama explains his opinion on the return of activity … and chooses the most beautiful and most valuable goals and a decision that he will not repeat

Youssef Ibrahim, “Obama” Zamalek club player, expressed his opinion on the possibility of the return of sports activity during the coming period, while he chose the most beautiful and most expensive goals in the white team jersey.

Obama is reservations about Al-Douri’s resumption at present, but he sees him as the state’s decision in the end, while revealing his acceptance of the public criticism, whether always or negatively.

And all of the following is on the words of Obama through the Zamalek channel

“There are reservations about the resumption of the league at the present time, although it is a state decision in the end. But we, as individuals in the sports field, must have an opinion as well, and in our opinion the return of sport is currently difficult.”

“We want to return to training, play football and return to normalcy, but we have 17 games remaining. When are we going to play them and how?”

Accept the criticism of the masses

“Because I am one of the sons of Zamalek, I feel the fans. The fans love and relate to everyone who carries the team shirt, and since I am one of the sons of the club, the fans treat me with special treatment, whether in praise or criticism. When they meet me in the street, they say you are our son, you need to feel between us, and I understand their words.”

“It is impossible to seek comfort while playing in Zamalek. I could not imagine it. I dreamed of playing in Zamalek and carrying his shirt. I was playing and my shoulders were dislocated last season, and when the team needs me it is impossible to say no.”

turning point

“I thank Khaled Jalal, the former coach of Zamalek, for what he gave me. He stood beside me in circumstances in which no one else stood beside me. He had just arrived and trusted me even though I hadn’t shared much before it. My time with him put me on the first road and then I made my way.” .

Egypt national team

“Everyone was waiting for me to join the national team during Grose’s time. Even Grose wondered about not joining me because he deals with numbers and sees me I deserve it. But I do not rush that and believe that God is planning for me a better thing in the coming period.”

Quick questions

A decision that if time comes back I will not repeat it? Exiting the stadium after wasting the penalty kick with the Alexandrian Federation in front of El Mahalla Spinning.

“The best goal in the Zamalek shirt was my goal in the Union of Tangier. The most beautiful goal was in Petro Athletic.”

“If you formed a team of five players, you wish to play with them. Jensh is in the guard because he plays well with his foot, and in the front Hossam Hassan and Mohamed Salah, and next to Hazem Imam, whom you wished to play with.”

“Ideally locally, Imam Hazem Imam, globally Cristiano and Ronaldo.”

Youssef Obama returned to Zamalek in 2017, after two loans to the Alexandrian Federation and the Tigris Valley.

The 25-year-old participated this season in 23 games with Zamalek. He scored two goals and made eight others.

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