Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered – Lite Version lets you play the first three dungeons for free

Square Enix has a lite version of in a new trailer Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered announced in which the first three dungeons can be played for free. The lite version will play the same as the paid version, except that players will not have access to the remaining ten dungeons unless they buy the full version. Square Enix calls it a “free downloadable demo version”, similar to Nintendo’s “Free to Try” approach Super Mario Run. This seems like Crystal Chronicles Remastered to be useful since it will be available for iOS and Android in addition to PS4 and Switch. All four platforms will get the lite version when the game is on 27.08.2020 is published.

However, there is a way to “upgrade” the lite version: there Crystal Chronicles Remastered Crossplay between all of these platforms allows Square Enix to continue to play the rest of the title for free with the free version if they partner with someone who has the paid version of the game.

However, the trailer does not reveal much about how matchmaking works, so it is unclear whether there is an easy way to find people with the paid version of the game with whom you can connect. It’s also not entirely clear whether those who play the Lite version will still have access to the story content after the first three dungeons. Crystal Chronicles is a grind-based game in which players can complete the same missions and dungeons over and over to get a higher level and better equipment.

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