Fire at Hwaseong Pharmaceutical Company factory due to explosion… Synthesis of 1 person isolation estimate

Eight people were injured… Firefighting work after the first stage response was announced to the fire department

A large fire broke out at a pharmaceutical company in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, and the fire department announced a response phase and began to extinguish it.

At 2:22pm on the 30th, a fire occurred due to an explosion at Hwail Pharm in Sangsin-ri, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si.

The fire department received dozens of 119 reports, such as “an explosion sound is heard from a drug factory in the pharmaceutical complex,” and is working to extinguish the fire by deploying 52 equipment such as pump trucks and 94 fire extinguishers.

The fire department saw that the fire was not serious, and at 2:49 pm, issued the first response level, which was an alert order for all fire department personnel to be dispatched.

So far, eight people have been injured in the fire, such as smoke inhalation, and one is missing.

At first, it was known that a total of three workers were isolated in the building, but in the process of extinguishing, two of them were contacted, and the number of people missing was reduced to one.

Other workers escaped safely and were not injured.

The building that caught fire has a total floor area of ​​2,700 square meters with five stories above ground and one basement level, and the point of ignition is known to be on the third floor.

The fire is believed to have been caused by an explosion of acetone oil vapour.

Currently, the flames are intense around the 2nd and 3rd floors near the ignition point, and firefighters cannot enter because the factory is being burned down.

The fire department plans to start searching for people as soon as the fire is out.

Meanwhile, Hwail Pharm is a medium-sized company listed on the KOSDAQ that produces and sells pharmaceutical raw materials and finished drugs.

The Sangsin-ri plant, which caught fire, is said to have stored large amounts of chemicals such as toluene and acetone.

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