Five power generation companies to sell Indonesian mine that made 10 trillion won in profit over three years

Representative Kim Kyung-man states, “I will fully disclose the details of the establishment of the sales plan”

[투데이에너지 김병욱 기자] According to the new government’s innovation guidelines for public institutions, it was noted that half of the stake in the Indonesian coal mine, which has earned more than 10 trillion won in net profit in the past three years, was sold for just 748 billion. he won.

As a result of checking the innovation plan submitted by the five power generation companies (South-Eastern Power, Korea Midland Power, Western Power, South-East Power, East-West Power) to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Assembly Kim Kyung- A man from the Small and Medium Industrial, Trade and Resources Business Committee of the National Assembly found that each company owns 4%. Each announced that they would sell half of their stake in PT Bayan Resources TBK, a coal mine in Indonesia, by 2023.

The net profit of ‘PT Bayan Resources TBK’ owned by the five power generation companies over the past three years has reached 10.25 trillion won, and specifically, it earned 7.244 trillion won last year alone. However, according to the innovation plan established by the five power generation companies, they are currently choosing a sales advisory company to sell the net exhaust pool that lays these golden eggs, and they say they will sold by the second half of next year. .

In other words, all five power generation companies earned a net profit of 1.44 trillion won last year alone, and selling half of the stake means they will sell their share that generates more than 700 billion won in profit for 149.6 billion won, which is only one fifth.

Representative Kim Kyung-man said, “The international prices of power generation fuels such as coal, oil and gas have soared more than five times compared to the beginning of the year, so this year’s profits are expected to be bigger. “The Ministry of Finance has issued guidelines to all public institutions not to comply with the National Assembly’s request to introduce a public institutions innovation plan.

Meanwhile, in July, the Ministry of Strategy and Finance published the ‘New Government Innovation Guidelines for Public Organisations’, which focus on reducing overlap with the private sector, reducing workforce, reducing budgets, and selling assets. Accordingly, all of the 350 public organizations submitted their innovation plans to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance by the end of last month.

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