flash floods south east Australia Many cities were cut off.

flash floods south east Australia Many cities were cut off.

On November 14, Reuters reported that the heavy rain that caused flash flooding Cut off many cities in southeastern Australia. On Monday, November 14, with the announcement of a new evacuation warning for thousands of villagers.

Heavy rain triggered flash floods that cut off some inland towns in south-east Australia on November 14, 2022. (Photo: Facebook/Transport for New South Wales)

Australia’s fourth major flood this year has led to turbulent weather in south-west New South Wales. and north-east Victoria overnight. causing the banks of the river to flood and causing more pain to the town’s residents who are fed up with the flooding

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Twitter: Flash floods create dangerous conditions. And the federal government works closely with the states. in efforts to help

While in New South Wales, roads, bridges and farms were being flooded by Molong. About 300km north-west of Sydney and home to more than 2,000 homes, it is one of several cities hit by severe flooding. Videos on social media showed a shipping container and home belongings floating down the city centre.

Residents of the city of Yugosla, population about 800, were ordered to move to higher ground after officials deemed it unsafe to evacuate due to flash floods.

flash flood

A man wades through floodwaters amid evacuation orders in the suburb of Maribyrnong in Melbourne, Australia. File | Photo Credit: Reuters

The east coast of Australia is experiencing the rare La Niña weather phenomenon for the third year in a row. The phenomenon is associated with more rain.

There are currently more than 100 flood warnings across New South Wales and 84 in Victoria. After the weather office data indicated that Some areas receive more than 1 month of 24 hour rain.

Head of Emergency Operations Victoria Tim Weebusch said that to ABC “We saw a lot of flash floods where roads were submerged. We already have water in the house … ankle deep in some areas.”

Heavy rain and thunderstorms continued to hit South Australia over the weekend. Dozens of schools were forced to close. while thousands of homes are still without electricity

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