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Flights can make for a stressful experience if you are not in the good sense. Many travel by plane to see frustrated and tired of passengers desperately trying to sleep. Finding a comfortable position is not easy in a plane.

According to passengershaming, the traveller would have been in a state of intoxication.

Indeed, it would seem that his actions are not those of a sober person.

Rather than contort himself in his seat to get to sleep, he took to the floor.

His head and his right arm rests on a pillow perched on the edge of the seat.


During this time, the table tray is located just above his head.

It certainly does not seem to be the most comfortable position.

However, the picture makes the man is asleep.

If he knew that the person who takes the photo is not clear.

Her strange actions attracted the attention of Instagram users.

However, some Instagram users might have thought that he was on a good thing.

“It’s… actually not a bad idea,” said one.

“Maybe not ideal for the turbulence, but without doubt more comfortable than the seats and a pillow to protect the face of the butt germs.”

Another wrote: “as long as it is not sitting next to someone I’m ok with that.”

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