‘Fluorescent joljjols’ female thieves attack New York subway (video)

Two teenage women attacked… robbery

▲ Thieves in fluorescent jackets broke into the subway
Around 2 am on the 3rd (local time), a group of thieves believed to be women broke into the subway passing near Times Square in Manhattan, New York, USA. 2022.10.6.
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In a New York City subway, a gang of robbers wearing body-fitting fluorescent green outfits attacked two teenage women and robbed victims.

According to the New York Post on the 3rd (local time), a group of thieves believed to be women broke into a passing subway near Times Square in Manhattan, New York around 2 am that day.

According to the video uploaded to social media (SNS) at the time of the incident, 6 to 10 perpetrators used violence, such as punching the victim in the face several times with fists. He also grabbed the legs of the victim who was trying to escape and threw them against the wall and knocked them over. They took the victim’s mobile phone and handbag and left the scene.

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The victim’s mother, who asked to remain anonymous, told the New York Post in an interview with the New York Post, “It was hard to understand what happened when my daughter returned home after the incident and said, ‘I was attacked by an alien .’ “I was punched in the face,” he said.

“The men rushed onto the subway to film the scene with their smartphones, and no one helped to stop the attack,” he said.

Another victim’s mother said: “My daughter had a concussion and vomited. We are undergoing treatment to ascertain our daughter’s exact condition.”

Local police have not been able to identify the criminals yet.

Reporter Lee Jung-soo

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