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On Saturday, June 27, 2020, Lieutenant General BD Alexander Schnitger passed away. Lieutenant General Schnitger held the position of Air Force Commander from 2012 to 2016. His death affects Defense, and the Royal Netherlands Air Force in particular. deep.

The news about his death comes as a blow to many inside and outside the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Due to his involvement and high level of authenticity, he was well known within the Dutch armed forces.

Alexander Schnitger, also known as Sander Schnitger, trained as a pilot in the United States after the Royal Military Academy. He completed it in 1984. During his period as pilot of the NF-5 at Eindhoven Air Base with the 314 squadron, he was also team leader of the NF-5 demo team called “Double Dutch”. From 1990 he flew on F-16 from Volkel Air Base with the 312 squadron.

In 2001 Schnitger became a planner at the Ministry in The Hague, after which he became commander of Volkel Air Base in 2005 through a short placement in Germany. From 2008 he returns to the Ministry and held 2 positions in the rank of Commodore and Major General. In 2012, he became Air Force Commander.

‘People matter’
In his period as an air force boss, Lt. General Schnitger was committed to leading the personnel and strength of the Royal Air Force through the 2012 austerity rounds as much as possible. With his personal motto, People Matter, Schnitger put people at the center of the organization and stimulated confidence and pioneering spirit, space and cohesion and authenticity and diversity in leadership.

In addition, he focused on designing a relevant, but also affordable air force for the future. To this end, Schnitger invested in close partnerships with partner air forces, knowledge centers and industry.

In 2016, the Lieutenant General retired and was appointed an Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau with the Swords.

After his functional retirement, he became a member of the Supervisory Board of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands, a member of the Supervisory Board of Aviolanda and Chairman of the Board of the Dutch Aviation Group. From 2017 he worked for Boeing as Vice President Globals Services Europe & Israel.

Sander Schnitger (photo: Ministry of Defense)
Sander Schnitger (photo: Ministry of Defense)

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