Following the boycott in the US, the Government Follow Facebook

Facebook must ensure that user-uploaded content and advertisements are far from racism.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The Indonesian government is closely monitoring Facebook technology companies, following a boycott of advertising by a number of companies in the United States. This action occurred after the issue of anti-racism was raised in the United States, protesting the death of George Floyd.

Large companies, including Unilever and Verizon, stopped their ads on the platform until Facebook provide solutions deemed appropriate for hate speech.

Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G Plate mention, Facebook and other companies with services over the top has responsibility for all content contained. Including, Facebook must be able to ensure that the content uploaded by users and advertisements in it has a positive impact and is far from racism.

“Facebook and other technology companies have the responsibility of maintaining content that is in line with the law. In Indonesia, of course they should not conflict with applicable laws and regulations. This digital space must be beneficial to the community,” Johnny said on Sunday (28/6).

Regarding the boycott action, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics responded to this. But Johnny ensures that learning from events in the US, technology companies like Facebook must really be able to filter their content to be in line with existing regulations in Indonesia.

“The government adheres to the applicable law and encourages companies to put forward positive content,” Johnny explained.

As is known various companies boycott install advertising on Facebook because the world’s largest social media network is considered not to act enough to overcome the utterance of hatred.

This boycott action made the wealth of the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg decline. Bloomberg reported that at least Zuckerberg’s wealth shrank 7.2 billion dollars due to the boycott.

Facebook shares plummeted 8.3 percent last Friday so that the value of Facebook is reduced by around 56 billion dollars. As a result, the CEO’s wealth dropped to 82.3 billion dollars.

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