Ford launches its latest Bronco, a bold redesign of the classic road driving – NBC4 Washington

Ford unleashed its latest Bronco on Monday evening, offering a bold redesign of the classic ride-on that was one of the best-selling SUVs since its debut in the 1966 model year.

Ford is so confident of the success of this new SUV that it is launching an entire “family”. This includes retro-style 2-door and 4-door versions that share the same underlying chassis as its Ranger pickup. It will also produce a smaller, less angular model built from a reinforced version of its Escape crossover platform.

“We will start with the three models we have,” targeting the fastest growing segment, said Mark Grueber, the new marketing chief of the secondary brand, answering a question from NBC News. “But we will continue to examine where we can satisfy customers and how to continue expanding the brand in the future.”

Introduced for the first time during the 1966 model year, the Bronco was one of the first SUVs intended for a large retail market. He got a loyal following but also found himself inextricably linked to former soccer star OJ Simpson, after a 1994 police chase while riding in a White Bronco on the Los Angeles freeways on June 17, 1994 – a low-speed chase that was seen on the national TV of 95 million people.

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