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Ford Ranger Raptor is a premium pickup truck from Ford. It was first introduced in our home at the beginning of 2018 and became the star of the Thai pickup truck industry. Subsequent models added higher security options but still sold at the same price until mid-2021 Ford ordered the first generation Raptors and revealed the Raptor X equipment. Dress around the car to be more aggressive than before. And most recently, Ford launched the Raptor Generation 2 which comes with a new look. More power Better drive system with more safety and convenience

For the Ford Ranger Raptor, the second generation is a car that is assembled in our home. from the Ford Thailand Manufacturing (FTM) plant and is the only plant in the world that produces the Ranger Raptor for the global market. As for exterior body colors, the new Raptor is available in four colors.

For the overall design of the look, handsome according to the popular era, the car has a large grille. The LED Daytime Running Light lamp has a C-Clamp shape. The headlamp is an LED Matrix, automatically adjusting the angle of the light beam with an anti-glare system and an automatic lights-off system Front black bumper with LED fog lights. along with the addition of a 2.3 mm front sheet metal under the bottom to successfully prevent the oil pan from hitting the rock The lines around the car look symmetrical and perfect. as well as installing decorative accessories and various facilities such as side steps, wheel fender eyebrows on all 4 sides, making the car look stronger and more functional, useful in every way

The lifting side behind the tailgate includes a force release system for opening and closing. In addition, the tailgate has a locking system that works with all four car door locks. The front and rear seats have been completely redesigned, inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet. . The front seats are large and high, comfortable to sit on, whether on the flat paths or off-road The adjustment of the driver’s seat is comfortable with a 10-way power system The surrounding view can be seen far and wide.

for air vents The steering wheel and upholstery are decorated in “Code Orange” looking cooler than the previous model. Including installing a digital communication connection system that enables passengers to control and use the device more easily. This is achieved through a high-resolution 12.4-inch instrument cluster and a 12-inch high-definition touchscreen in the center console, linked to a 360-degree camera, automatic park assist and an off-road driving display. including the SYNC 4A® voice command system, Ford’s latest entertainment system. As for the sound set, Bang & Olufsen, 10 speakers.

Regarding the area of ​​the back seat, although the front seat has been taken to the end But it still hasn’t hit the knee of the big passenger behind him. In addition, the storage space under the rear seat has been redesigned to increase storage for the whole family while the seat remains spacious and comfortable. The soundproofing at speeds below 120 km/h is considered very good, but at high speeds you will hear the sound of the wind colliding with the large side mirrors.

Under the hood is installed with a new powertrain. It is a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6-cylinder gasoline engine, EcoBoost that provides power compared to a herd of 397 horses at 5650 rpm and 583 Nm of torque at 3,500 rev / min, tuned by the Ford team. performance increasing driving efficiency on smooth paths and off-road It works with a 10-speed electric automatic transmission or E-Shifter and can choose to change gears manually through the paddle shifter on the steering column.

The drive system can choose from either 2-wheel drive, an automatic 4-wheel drive system that distributes the torque to each of the 4 wheels as appropriate. As for driving modes, there are up to 7 modes to choose from, including normal mode, sport mode, slippery road mode for smooth roads. and off-road driving modes such as Rock Mode, Sand Mode, Mud Mode and Baha Mode.

The 2nd generation Raptor also has a separate front/rear electric diffuser that allows the driver to choose to lock only the front diffuser. or reverse dive as appropriate, and there is also a new low-speed off-road 4WD system called Trail Control™ It works similar to the automatic speed setting system where the driver can choose the speed but not more than 32 km/h allowing the car to control acceleration and braking on its own. The driver only controls the steering wheel. for exhaust system You can also adjust the volume with 4 electrical modes: quiet mode, normal mode, sports mode, baja mode.

Front suspension is aluminum wishbone independent with FOXTMLive ValveTM Shocks, coilover rear shock with FOXTM Live ValveTM Shocks with subtank and internal bypass system with Watt Link. Suspension highlights, Ford team. performance In partnership with FOX™ to adapt spring functionality to the height setting. valve adjustment AND the design of the stretch-collapse shock absorber to create the perfect balance. As a result, the shock absorber has the ability to adjust the action in real time using sensors around the pedal, allowing the shock to adjust the damping from the point of impact up to 500 times per second.

On test drives on flat roads, the responsiveness of the 3-stage electric power steering offers good weight, easy handling and precision at all speeds. The suspension has been adjusted to the stiffness of the springs and shock absorbers appropriately, adding a soft, comfortable ride. But it still offers impressive straight line stability and cornering grip.

In terms of engine performance, it responds to acceleration and more than 90% of the torque is available in the lowest rpm range of 2000 rpm, allowing the car to overtake in the 60-120 km/h range. The average fuel consumption is 6 km / liter, which is understandable because a large herd of horses usually eats a lot of grass. For off-road use, 4-wheel drive has the advantage of being able to select a 4-wheel drive system very easily. because the electric button is used to select the drive position and also set the TrailControl™ system That will help to control the car to move through the off-road route easily like an off-road expert.

Overall, the 2nd generation Ford Ranger Raptor is an SUV that comes in the form of a pickup truck. You just need to put the lid on the pickup truck to add more versatility for everyday use and travel. As for the value, it has to be said that only the 2nd generation raptor costs less than 2 million baht, among the cars with almost 400 horsepower.

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