Former Honda F1 Managing Director Masafumi Yamamoto’s first book has been released[]

Former Honda F1 Managing Director Masashi Yamamoto will release “A mindset to capture the flow of victory How to reach the top from the cliff edge in the world of F1” will be released from KADOKAWA on Thursday, October 6, 2022.

Keyman, who has been recognized by the “Piranha Club,” talks about the mentality of being able to compete in the world.
Former Honda F1 Managing Director Masashi Yamamoto’s first book is finally on sale!

■ Example of content
● The relationship between the two was far from “waigaya”
● The revival ambition of “Williams Honda”.
● “Let’s ‘divorce’ McLaren”
The real intention of returning the agreement with Sauber F1 to a blank slate
Bosses can prepare the “joy of working” of subordinates
●The importance of the “Three Realities” I learned at Honda
The ideal team is a beautiful “sphere”.
●Suggestions for “talking” to inspire drivers
● The team and staff grow with the “laissez-faire principle”
● “The Czech Republic is a Legend!” paves the way for victory
● Inspirational story behind the birth of “White Red Bull”
– Marco also praises “Yuuki’s speed is real”
The reason why Japanese drivers can’t win in the world
●Promote popularization measures that are suitable for the current times
● You cannot enter the world of politics overnight.
This is a long-awaited book for all business people, not only F1 fans, but also those who lead organizations as leaders and those who want to improve the performance of their teams.

■ Point ①
In this book, there is also a chapter that will be released to the world for the first time.
Lead McLaren Honda on the brink of an “amicable divorce”, realize a tag with F1’s premier team, Red Bull Racing, and become the force behind the dramatic 2021 drivers’ championship as Red Bull Honda. I am Masafumi Yamamoto, the former Managing Director of Honda F1 and the author of this book. In this book, not only the chapter released for the first time about what happened in the process, but also what kind of opinion based on what criteria in the world that “control speed is the fastest in the F1 world” (Yamamoto) His management techniques are revealed, such as his actions and how he built the team.

■ Point ②
An exclusive interview
<img src="" width="530" height="387" alt="レッドブルレーシング代表を務めるクリスチャン・ホーナー、ヘルムート・マルコ、フランツ・トスト三氏への、山本氏自身による独占インタビューも掲載。
An exclusive interview by Mr Yamamoto himself with Mr Christian Horner, Helmut Marko, and Franz Tost, who are representatives of Red Bull Racing, is also posted.

[Manylion llyfryddiaeth]
“A way of thinking to capture the flow of victory How to get to the top from the edge of the cliff in the world of F1”
List price: 1,650 yen (main unit 1,500 yen + tax)
ISBN: 978-4-04-605999-4
Format: 46 pages Number of pages: 240P
Publication date: Thursday, October 6, 2022

[Proffil awdur]
●Masashi Yamamoto
He joined Honda R&D Co., Ltd. in 1982.
Participated in a solar car project in 1990, finished second in 1990, and won the championship in 1993 as a driver.
Participated in the All Japan Karting Championship (highest category at the time: FSA class) while working for Honda.
In 2012, Tochigi Research Institute Public Relations Technical Manager, Honda Motor Co, Ltd Motor Sports Department Manager in 2016, and in 2019 became the Managing Director of Honda F1.
In 2021, he contributed to the Red Bull Racing Honda drivers’ championship.
Independent in February 2010 and established MASA Consulting Communications Co., Ltd.
Currently, he signed a consulting business contract with Red Bull Powertrains, a subsidiary of Red Bull Racing, and is involved in F1 as an advisor.
On the other hand, in the domestic race, he supported the development of young drivers as manager of TEAM GOH in the Super Formula All Japan Championship.
He also gives lectures and seminars.

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