Former national team defender Hubník will play for Olomouc. For the third time

On Monday, Olomouc confirmed the report that MF DNES brought last week.

“In the winter, I decided to return home to Sigma. I have a family in Moravia, so that also played a role. I’m glad that everything worked out and from the new season I will be a player of Olomouc again, ” the club website quoted a new reinforcement.

As a captain of the summer, he coached Pilsen, now Hubník is returning to Olomouc. Will he pursue?

Hubník’s contract in Pilsen, where he was the captain, ends. He spent the last seven seasons in Victoria, with the exception of a short six-month stay in Olomouc.

“I spent unforgettable years in Viktorka. I have always proudly worn a jersey and a captain’s armband and I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for the boys, I will be happy to return here, “said Hubník for Pilsen web.

He celebrated three titles in western Bohemia and played in the Champions League. He also took part in the title of Sparta in 2010, although after a successful autumn he went to Hertha Berlin. He stayed in the Bundesliga for over three years. He also performed abroad in the Russian FK Moskva, with what is he now returning home?

“Olomouc has always been the birthplace of talented players. I believe that I can also help young boys grow football, and I also believe that next season we will settle in the quiet middle of the table and maybe try to compete for European cups, “said the participant in the European Championships 2012 and 2016.

In recent years, he has been a leader in Pilsen, an indispensable man of defense. In the current year, however, he also dropped out of the vice-champion due to health problems. He last played the whole match in November against Liberec and the new coach Adrian Guľa let him sniff for only 22 minutes in the spring.

“Roman is undoubtedly one of the central and most prominent figures of our club in recent years. With the captain’s armband, he was the head of events on the field and in the cabin. We have an above-standard and fair relationship together. I would like to thank him for what he did for our club. Rightly here, the door will be open forever, “added Adolf Šádek, General Manager of Pilsen.

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