Formerly known as Sun Entertainment|Zhou Zhuohua sold out YEAH YEAH GROUP company: the identity of the buyer is unknown

YEAH YEAH GROUP (8082), formerly known as Sun Entertainment, announced last night (6th) that it was informed by its controlling shareholder Zhou Zhuohua (Ximihua) that it had sold about 731 million shares in the market between September 14 and 23 this year . YEAH YEAH GROUP.

Expected to sell 8.86 million cash shares

After the transaction is completed, Zhou Zhuohua’s shareholding has decreased from 37.04% to 2.17% or about 45.47 million shares, and will no longer be the controlling shareholder of YEAH YEAH GROUP. According to the information of the stock exchange, Zhou Zhuohua sold the relevant shares and exchanged 8.86 million yuan.

The announcement also said that the company does not expect that the sale of shares by Zhou Zhuohua will not have any adverse effect on the group’s operations. In addition, the company is not aware of the identity of the counterparties in the sale or their respective main business activities.

In terms of stock price, YEAH YEAH GROUP has more than doubled to 0.029 yuan this morning, and temporarily reported 0.025 yuan, which was still up 92%, but the transaction amount was less than 5 million yuan. As for Zhou Zhuohua’s case, he is in the trial stage of the Macau court and is being held in the Macau Coloane Prison.

On the other hand, the Stock Exchange revealed that Xu Bingchen, known as the “Small Shell King of the Growth Enterprise Market”, has become the second largest shareholder of the YEAH YEAH GROUP. Recently, his holdings increased by 43.38 million shares, from increasing its shareholding to 18.24%.

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