Forward to Opportunity Why a PGDM MBA Degree Will Be a Job Magnet as the Economy Reopens Post COVID

Below are some of the insights and reasons why an MBA / PGDM degree will help students lead successful careers after Covid.

The very essence of an MBA journey is to face business challenges and thrive in an economy; this pandemic and its consequences on our economy is one of them. The Coronavirus crisis has caused a notable dent in the global economy. The complete lockdown situation since March 2020 has also made matters worse for India. Until March 2020, MBA / PGDM aspirants were preparing in full swing for the entrance exams. The crisis could impact jobs, but it’s a good time to pursue an MBA / PGDM.

Business schools are finding themselves reinventing everything they believed was true before the COVID-19 crisis. This has helped universities design their curriculum in a way that helps students be prepared to tackle the post Covid job sector. It is natural in chaos to find yourself at a crossroads, whether to pursue an MBA / PGDM or pause plans. However, whether it’s the economic slowdown or the pandemic, it’s not here to stay permanently. Short-term decisions that may seem right at the moment often don’t seem to meet long-term goals. An MBA / PGDM degree is an investment in oneself. Let’s take an example of the stock market. Just as stocks will have ups and downs, so too, one is bound to have ups and downs in one’s career. The right set of skills, business acumen, a willingness to excel, your own value just like a stock will only continue to grow if they continue to invest in themselves.

Below are some of the insights and reasons why an MBA / PGDM degree will help students lead successful careers after Covid:

  1. Strategic and innovative thinking skills: Strategy and innovation management will experience increasing demand in the coming years, more than any other skill. It includes skills such as analyzing data or information, thinking creatively, and developing goals and strategies. These skills differentiate a hired MBA from others.

  1. Digital transformation and technological update: We have seen many early-stage startups and other companies resorting to digital transformation to address challenges during the pandemic. Upkilling in terms of technology will play a crucial role in the coming years for any organization. Recruiters will look for candidates who are well equipped with these skills and able to manage the technological processes and digital tools in the organization.

  1. Interpersonal skills: As the world evolves to become more focused on digital tools, managers with great interpersonal skills, human connection and empathy will be in demand. It’s ironic enough, but digital tools may not be able to fill the void that empathy and human understanding can do. An MBA / PGDM focuses on building interpersonal skills that include active listening, communicating with internal and external stakeholders, persuasion and negotiation, time management and social perception.

  1. Leadership skills: Leadership cannot be demanded only by supervisors or managers. In the post-Covid era, businesses will need resources capable of showing leadership skills in all aspects of life. It will be important to communicate your strategy and vision which can only be developed through analytical and strategic thinking approaches. An MBA / PGDM degree helps students take charge and navigate the two-year journey through a rigorous curriculum where real-world problems are solved.

  1. Adaptability and flexibility: In the new normal, we see most corporate employees working from home. Although geographic mobility has become limited, it is entirely possible that it will continue after the pandemic. Students should prepare to adapt to such a work environment. This will require them to manage their time and work well under pressure. Prioritizing activities, meeting deadlines, and taking on additional responsibilities will be little expectations of the organization.

The aforementioned skills are deployed by business students. Once the economy starts to recover, the job landscape will change forever. At that time, these skills will be the top priority for employers which an MBA / PGDM degree can definitely help students inculcate in themselves. Starting to prepare for the job market and investing at the right time, which is now, will surely enable students to seize opportunities and climb the career ladder with the right degree.


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