Frank Abanel in Thailand! Chicken dealers masquerading as lawyers were arrested in court

I thought it was just in the movie! Frank Abanel in Thailand He caught a chicken trader, disguised as a lawyer, as a lawyer in court. He also won the prosecutor’s case before being arrested, shocking the country.

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Date 4 October 2022 Red Skull Twitter postedThe arrest of a chicken dealer who disguised himself as a lawyer and actually went up to court It’s really funny. Someone pointed that out before he was arrested in Kamphaeng Phet province. I used to say that the prosecutor’s victory has come too.

From the origin of this storyVolunteer lawyer page. Free group consultation. From a professional lawyer Who has 50,000 members, the founder presented the incident of the arrest of a chicken trader who pretends to be a lawyer even without a license It has become a shock in the industry at the moment.

Initially, the accused was found to have been arrested for falsifying the judgment of the Kamphaeng Phet Court. By admitting just pretending to be a lawyer and causing the case in court only once The news also has a clip to decorate the lawyer’s outfit on TikTok.

The online world is now calling the chicken trader disguised as a lawyer, Frank Abanel from Thailand, based on a scammer who disguises himself as a pilot, lawyer, doctor, even without the knowledge and tricks that Aur scammed the check until he became famous. It was also made into the movie Catch me if you can.

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