Freesia, irresistible luxury ♥?… A puppy gave an explanation for the suspected ‘pet shop sale’ [MD이슈]

[마이데일리 = 박윤진 기자] YouTuber Freesia introduced a new family.

Freesia posted a photo on her Instagram on the 7th and said, “I have a new family,” and released a little white puppy named ‘Baezzi’.

The Baechi, which boasts its characteristic curly coat and white cotton-like charm, is thought to be a ‘Bichon Frize’ breed.

Freesia said, “My precious little baby belly,” and is in the middle of taking selfies with her belly button around.

Some netizens who saw this said, “Are you united?” “Did you get it from a pet store?” “You have to think about your influence,” and “I hold a purebred dog like a luxury bag.” Another netizen came forward and defended her, saying, “Freesia will take care of her and raise her healthy.”

At one point Freesia introduced a dog called ‘Buddy’, a Pomeranian with a doll-like appearance, who is also a purebred dog. Dandelions are known to be raised in the home family.

Fearing it would become an argument, Freesia quickly came up with an explanation. “Baechi, my acquaintance’s puppy gave birth to a puppy, so I brought one of them,” he explained, and placed the comment at the top.

Recently, a number of celebrities have been the subject of controversy regarding the sale of pet stores. Singer Lee Ji-hyun revealed her puppies as a new member of the family, but closed the SNS comment window when criticism came in, and Ko So-young shared a photo of her with two puppies believed to be purebred dogs . .” Model Kim Won-joong and Kwak Ji-young admitted that they had sold the pet store and apologized, saying, “I feel ashamed and very sorry that I made an unpleasant choice.”

Meanwhile, Freesia rose to fame after appearing on Netflix’s love entertainment show ‘Solo Hell’ last year. Known as the golden spoon and enjoying popularity, he went into self-reflection when it was discovered that some of the luxury goods he wore on TV were fake. Then, after the last 5 months, he resumed his activities.

[사진 = 프리지아 인스타그램]

By Park Yoon-jin, staff reporter [email protected]

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