Friends in Peace Volunteer Organization (PA) and Krungsri were invited to contribute to help flood victims

Friends in Need Volunteer Organization (of Pha), Thai Red Cross Society, together with Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited invite you to donate and contribute. To help the relief of flood victims in different states through Bank of Ayudhya Current Account, account number 114-0-06877-9 Or donate through the E-Donation system by scanning the QR Code.

All your donations are taxable 1 time by submitting proof of donation with your first and last name. Address and telephone number by email : [email protected] or Line Officer : @friendsofpa For more information, contact: Friends of Phueng (Pa) Yam Yam Volunteers Organization, Thai Red Cross Society Tel 0-2054 -6546 or 08-4904-8785 (government day and time)

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