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Full moon to light Ohio sky on July 4

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CLEVELAND – An almost complete “Buck Moon” will light up the Ohio sky on July 4, according to Farmers’ Almanac.

With the persistent threat of COVID-19, many communities in Ohio have canceled their Independence Day celebrations, including fireworks. However, an almost full moon will now be clearly visible in the night sky, according to the publication.

The Buck Moon will be full on July 5, but will appear full when it rises after sunset on Independence Day, said Farmers’ Almanac.

“In fact, it will appear full for a day or two surrounding its full phase (most people do not notice the difference between a 98% illuminated Moon and a 100% illuminated Moon). magic glow for holiday celebration – provided that there are no clouds or storms to hinder his vision, “said the publication.

Current forecasts are for a hot, dry Independence Day weekend for much of Ohio. The night sky should be clear and provide enough space to see the stars and the (almost) full moon. Temperatures will reach the upper 80s before falling back into the 70s overnight.

The Farmers’ Almanac group has published a YouTube video explaining Buck Moon’s name.


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