“Gagan Malik”, the protagonist of the Buddha movie Prepare to fly for ordination Royal Thai Monastery

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07 February 2022 – 15:29

Good news for opening Thailand “Kakan Malik”Buddha movie protagonist Prepare to fly for ordination Royal Thai Monastery

Thailand prepares to be famous all over the world! Considered good news for the time of opening the country!! when Gagan Malikfamous actor who plays Prince Siddhartha in the matter Sri Siddhartha Gautama Reveal the latest movements Prepare to fly to Thailand The center of Buddhism again, this time is the most important one in my life. because he is preparing to enter the umbrella of Kasawapas to study the teachings of the Lord Buddha Priest’s practice and learn the ways of inner peace at Wat That Thong, Phra Aram Luang, where he used to wish himself to be a disciple of the temple..

Gagan Malik revealed his feelings in a personal channel that “Playing the role of Prince Siddhartha in the story Sri Siddhartha Gautama Totally changed his life and attitude. This has resulted in many good projects, which will soon include more projects and activities for Buddhists in Thailand and around the world with the Tri Rattanaphum Club. I am one of the founders. the happiness gained from doing something “To serve my fellowmen” is what motivates me to live a meaningful life today.”

Previously, the young actor had traveled to Thailand. and every time will do activities to promote religion along with declaring himself a Buddhist By distributing teachings through his own social channels regularly, this time, Kakan Malik decided to become ordained in Thailand. ready to continue the Buddhist activities that have begun in the name “Tri Rattanaphum Club” established with Acting Captain Natthakit Chaichaloemmongkol and Ms. Thitirat Hengsakul Friends, a network of Dharma friends in Thailand who share the same ideas and commitments. The activities will focus on the promotion of Buddhists to be aware of the principles, concepts and essence of Buddhism. as well as participating in the restoration of Buddhism to be prosperous and sustainable both at home and abroad

For Gagan Malik, Indian actor Known in the entertainment industry both in Bollywood and the world. He was often entrusted with the role of the Great God. Vishnu Narai, Rama, Krishna, etc. in many epic movies and TV series. It has also received an award for Best Leading Actor. at the film festival World Bhuddhist Film organized by the United Nations From the work to create a world famous in the role that he has been acting as Prince Siddhartha from the movie Sri Siddhartha Gautama


#Tri Rattanaphum Club

for personal information #Gagan Malik born on 29 February, Cornerstone, Maharashtra, India Has a career as an actor and model since : B.E.2551 – His father is a businessman from New Delhi. india Kagan Malik’s family consists of three brothers and a sister. He was enrolled in a school. Hansraj which is located in the center of Delhi. As a child, his mother read the epic Ramayana told him. Kagan Malik had been in the show. Ramleela And he has always played the role of “Ram”. He has a lot of experience working in the entertainment industry. whether it is a television commercial (Times of India , Shoda ,Birla Sun Life Insurance) music video, designers and models, and in the year2547 he won Mr.Photogenic in the contest Mr.India as well

in the year2556 Gagan Malik has made his acting debut at an international film festival. with an important role in theSri Siddhatha Gautama” which this story mentions Prince Siddhartha before his enlightenment as a Buddha The film also won an award.” Delhi International Film Festival” and is a record high grossing film in Sri Lanka And from the role of Prince Siddhartha in this story resulted in Kakan Malik receiving the best actor award. at the film festival World Buddhist Film Festival ” in the year2557 as well

PERSONAL LIFE Gagan Malik was married to his best friend in high school. 22 years, his wife’s name is Pooja and the two lived together in the city of Mumbai, Kakan Malik said: i got married and have black hair Who has always supported and encouraged me a lot. So I have no further concerns.”

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