Germany began to surprise Ukraine into the European Union ? German media: Uzbekistan will move the core of EU power to Eastern Europe | blog post

The German website “Welt” recently published an article entitled “Why Germany Hesitates About Ukraine’s Entry into the Union”, written by Gregor Schwinn.

The article mentioned that the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Olga Stefanishina, stated that Ukraine is not a normal candidate country for EU membership and that it is determined to join the EU by the end of 2024. Gregor described his it takes an average of 9 years to apply for EU membership, but Kyiv doesn’t seem to want to wait long. Once Ukraine successfully becomes a full member, it will be the fastest country in history to join the EU.

German Chancellor Scholz.  AP photos.

German Chancellor Scholz. AP photos.

The article noted that just four days after the start of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukraine immediately submitted an application to join the European Union. The European Council adopted a decision on June 23, agreeing to the European Commission’s proposal to give Ukraine the status of a candidate member state of the European Union. In comparison, the process usually takes two years.

Now, Ukraine wants to push the admission process at the same pace, and the biggest problem at the moment is deciding when the negotiations will start. As early as June, the European Commission had proposed to Ukraine that reforms must be made in seven areas, for example, Kyiv must make progress in fighting corruption and money laundering; reform the judicial system and adapt media law and minority law according to EU standards.

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