Getting rid of ‘Solar Pollution of the Moon Jae-in Government’ By Hankyung

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The government is carrying out a full investigation into new and renewable energy businesses such as solar energy. When a large amount of corruption was discovered in the first sample survey of 12 local governments, it was decided to expand the scope of the survey to 226 local governments. The plan is to eliminate corruption associated with the solar power business, such as receiving unfair subsidies and reporting false tax invoices.

On the 7th, the Government Policy Coordination Office formed a government joint inspection task force (TF) team to examine the expansion of the electric power industry infrastructure fund project and held the first meeting. In the joint inspection task force led by Park Gu-yeon, 1st deputy head of state affairs at the Government Policy Coordination Office, the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, the National Tax Service, the Financial Services Commission, and the Financial Supervision Service are involved. Deok-Jin Lee, the deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Promotion Team, will be the general manager, and each ministry plans to intensively investigate the contents of its own business.

Previously, the government announced last month that 12.5%, or 261.6 billion won, was illegally or unfairly implemented as a result of examining the size of the 2.1 trillion won in the power industry infrastructure fund project through a sample survey and a document survey of 12 local governments.

The Government Policy Coordinating Office said, “Based on the types of corruption, such as issuing false tax invoices and installing fake mushroom and insect growers, we plan to audit each of the 226 local governments by dividing the roles of each organization.” It was also decided to check the Research and Development project of the Electric Power Industry Infrastructure Fund, which did not publish the results of the investigation.

On the same day, the Financial Supervision Service announced the results of a survey that the amount of loans and funds related to the solar power business reached 22.7 trillion won between 2017 and August this year. The amount of loans negotiated was 16.3 trillion won, and the amount established by the fund was 6.4 trillion won. Loans and funds started to increase sharply after 2018.

At the end of August, the average delinquency rate for solar loans was just 0.12%, so the risk of insolvency is not high at this time. The Financial Supervisory Service explained, “Loans have long maturities and often have a grace period.”

By Kang Jin-gyu/Lee In-hyuk, [email protected] staff reporter

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