Getty Images prohibits AI-generated images to avoid copyright disputes

Recently, AI-generated images are quite popular, and free and public tools are gradually appearing, allowing anyone to try this new technology for themselves. Gallery platform Getty Images recently announced that it would stop accepting AI-generated images to avoid copyright disputes.

Getty Images is one of the major gallery platforms. Users can upload photos or original photos to sell. However, the copyright of photos produced by AI has always been controversial. Craig Peters, the president of Getty Images, once said that they need to strictly control the copyright of photos, as AI will produce questionable photos as photos will create many problems.

Getty Images recently officially updated its policy, prohibiting the uploading of images generated by tools including Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and MidJourney to the platform, and related uploaded images are also being removed from the shelves. They said they collaborated with C2PA to study a photo moderation mechanism to identify these problematic photos more effectively. They emphasize that there is already a comprehensive grasp of AI-generated content on the platform.

Source: Gizmodo

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