GH Bank expects the year 66 to provide loans of up to 250 billion baht, ready to invest 400 million baht to develop digital services

Mr Chatchai Sirilai Managing Director The Government Housing Bank (GHB) estimates that home loan lending at 66 will continue to grow. It is expected to grow up to 5% of the target of 226,000 million baht in 65, increasing to 240,000 million baht in 66 or releasing at least 250 billion baht because the housing market in Thailand has not yet reached the saturation point. can borrow up to 300 billion baht already because Thai society is a society of breaking out of the family to get a new home for living and investing.

Most Bank of Thailand customers will buy houses with a price plus or minus 2 million baht, while lending for housing projects will be around 10,000 million baht per year, focusing on local entrepreneurs Small developer with a loan amount of around 200 -300 million baht to support the development of housing projects for low and middle income earners with house prices not exceeding 3 million baht.

In addition, Mr Chatchai also mentioned the measures to help those affected by the income from the Covid-19 outbreak who are currently still customers receiving back support the bank measures with a total loan of about 70. billion baht In this amount, there are about 20,000 million baht that could start unusual installments. This is the group that is not affected by interest rates which tend to increase. Because it is set as a fixed interest rate. Considered a group that still intends to pay in installments despite being affected AND the bank will still have debt restructuring measures to support it, which can choose to pay installments of 25%, 50% or 75% of the regular installments.

Mr. added Chatchai that The current situation of the mortgage market is linked to factors. The whole situation of COVID-19 started to unravel Commercial banks have started to come back to compete more in the market. House prices have risen as the cost of building investment has increased. interest rates rise and the purchasing power of the people, although it is starting to recover, but not equal to the increase in house prices and interest rates, causing the Bank of Thailand to accelerate adjustments so that banks can reduce housing inequality for those who have a low income with low interest rate loan products as well as having the operating results in line with the goals and being able to cope with environmental factors that occur

bank board Therefore, it was decided to allow the Bank of Thailand to invest in the development of new technology systems and digital services with a total investment budget of no more than 400 million baht, under the name “end to end process” or allow customers to access. the bank’s services from the platform From first to last through all digital services. This enables customers to enjoy convenience and reduce the bank’s operating costs at the same time.

Funding Module

GH Bank has fundraising through many channels. Both normal deposits with Lottery Savings, Bonds, Derivatives electronic deposit account books, which must be operated under appropriate risk management. In addition to the preparation of GH Bank savings lotteries which are different from the lotteries of other financial institutions in the market, on October 1, 2022, a new set of savings lottery tickets will be issued, the Wimanmek PLUS series, to support the lottery Maturity Vimanmek savings, 1 million baht per unit, total limit of 27 billion baht, including other new types of lottery tickets that support new customers alongside existing customers

Credit Module

Customers can know and access GHB with the GHB ALL GEN Application, a new application that the Bank has developed with an investment budget of approximately 70 million baht to support the use of the original GHB ALL Application which currently has customers apply for and use the There are more than 1 million people in order to better increase the efficiency of use and support all generations of Bank of Thailand customers. Currently, the development of the first phase of the service has been completed and started allowing bank employees to download and test it from the day On September 27, 2022, before opening for customers to download and use Phase 1 from October 26, 2022 and when GHB ALL GEN has fully developed all services . This will enable customers to access GH Bank more conveniently by consulting the Digital SR (Loan Officer) as if they were traveling to a branch. The bank will transfer the customer to migrate the GHB ALL Application to GHB ALL GEN until March 31, 2023, at which time the services at GHB ALL GEN will be fully serviced.

Using Analytic Data for house appraisal to develop a Digital Appraisal system, enabling customers to know the initial price of the home appraisal immediately when applying for a loan with the authorities. The price will deviate from the price after the official appraisal is not more than 8% of the original waiting for the real estate inspector, which will allow the borrower to know the official value assessed within 3-7 days after submission of documents. • a loan application

When the matter enters the credit approval process the bank will notify the result of the consideration by notifying the GHB BUddy Online Application through the digital process above. If the customer has complete documents for submitting a loan to the staff No other unusual loan repayment history, etc. It is expected that customers will be able to know the results of the consideration in just 3 business days. Customers can also sign a loan in electronic instead of signing a paper form with an e-Contract, which the bank will do. transfer the home purchase loan to the real estate developer’s deposit account instead of making a cashier’s check This saves time for the seller and simplifies the process of taking the cashier’s check received by the buyer. raising money as before

After the customer completes the transfer and mortgage law at the Land Department customers can receive the original land title deed back home immediately. with the Electronic File storage project instead of the original license (No title deeds) The bank will store the title deeds in electronic files instead of storing the original documents. This enables customers to receive the original title deed home on the day of the act immediately. And when you become a GH Bank customer, you will be able to pay in installments through GHB ALL GEN immediately without having to go to a branch.

A module for managing non-performing assets

The Bank has developed an Application: GHB ALL BFRIEND in order to serve customers who have difficulty repaying home loans to get repayment options and terms that are suitable for the problem. Providing services in terms of checking loan account information, such as installments that must be paid in accordance with the conditions of the bill filing a composite petition and submitting an application to sell the property By starting to open for customers to download from August 15, 2022 and in still in the process of development Application: GHB POB TREF to get all the needs Regarding second-hand houses, GH Bank, developed from the APC GHBank Smart application, can provide a variety of services, such as searching for property listings. and show details of the bank’s second-hand homes, including submitting a request to see the condition of the homes in the real place buying a home online auction with additional payment services for deposits, down payments, as well as various fees for buying assets bank In addition, customers can submit various requests through this app as well and it is expected to open for customers to download in October 2022.

In addition, the Bank of Thailand has also started a project to renovate Bank of Thailand second-hand houses before they are sold. which is considered a new business for the bank Because renovating old houses is becoming more popular these days. Because second-hand houses are cheaper than new houses. and in a suitable location Therefore BAAC chooses assets in good locations Suitable location to renew new assets to make them more attractive. At the moment, the Bank has divided the assets into 7 grades.

In 2022, it will start renovating a total of 10 houses, starting to be sold since March 2022, as assets in and around Bangkok, 3 items, which include 2 townhouses and 1 plot of land. It is not the bank mainly seeks profit from sales. but keen to reduce the number of the bank owns a second-hand home to reduce the bank’s reserves

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