God of War director urges singleplayer games to force stop online because it makes playing the game uncomfortable

God of War director Cory Barlog has called on his personal Twitter channel to stop single player games from being forced online. Because it makes playing uncomfortable as it should be.

Barlog said he bought FIFA 23 to play on a handheld PC like Steam Deck. Due to the problem with the Anti Cheat program, it is not able to play FIFA 23.

For that reason, Barlog refunded FIFA 23 and used the money to buy Dragon Age instead. The game is still unplayable. Having to connect to the Internet to the Launcher, when he was sitting in a plane without an internet connection, Barlog could not play Dragon Age either.

Because of the incident, Barlog had to write a tweet through his own account. insist that Singleplayer games should stop forcing internet online so he can play the game through the Steam Deck with peace of mind

After Barlog wrote the tweet: Indie game distributor Devolver Digital responded with a “very” short tweet, a sign that some development teams may be aware of the issue. and will use Barlog’s tips to improve in the next game.

Nowadays, online control in single player games is becoming more and more common. which is the reason for being forced online There are many reasons for this, from piracy protection, ease of updating, and much more.

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