Godfather Telugu Movie Trailer Creates Excitement Between Mohanlal Fans And Chiranjeevi Followers Who Did Best | Who is better at fighting Mohanlal or Chiranjeevi? Lively debate on Twitter

Recently, the representation of Malayalam cinema and stars in other fields of film is increasing. Many Malayalam films are remade into foreign languages. In which languages ​​Mohanlal’s scene has been remade, it is now impossible to count. Now its second part is also being remade in many languages. Not just Drishyam, Mohanlal’s own films like Lucifer, Ayyappan and Koshy, Helen and the recently released Toveeno film Thallumala are being remade in other languages. Mohanlal-Prithviraj’s Telugu remake of Lucifer, which has the highest collection in Malayalam, is currently gearing up for release. Telugu star Chiranjeevi portrays Mohanlal’s character of Lucifer in Godfather. Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s arrival Godfather has now turned to another discussion. Who played Stephen Nedumpalli better, Mohanlal or Chiranjeevi?

Godfather trailer was released by the crew last day. It is clear from the trailer that Godfather will give Telugu fans a visual treat when it comes to Bhaijaan along with Chirinjeevi’s masa scenes. But Stephen Nedumpalli of Mohanlal, Brahma Chiranjeevi will not be able to surpass him. Fans of Malayalam films have come up with examples for that.

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Mohanlal kicks the police officer with his leg raised at chest level, instead Chirinjeevi also raises his leg at chest level with the police officer sitting on the bench. Mohanlal’s versatility as an actor is proved by the fans by picking up both the films. Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi fans have come up with a solution for Mohanlal fans. The megastar also reached out to fans by sharing dance and other fight scenes from Chiranjeevi’s past films.

The Chiranjeevi-Salman Khan film, which will hit the theaters on October 5, is directed by Mohanraja. Godfather is produced by actor Ramcharan, RB Chaudhary and NV Prasad under the banner of Konidela Production Company Super Good Films. Apart from Chiranjeevi and Salman, Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Lady Superstar Nayanthara and Samudratkani play other important characters.

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