Gogoro announced that it “will not be offering an all-you-can-eat tariff plan” from next year, existing customers will not be affected (unless the plan is changed) – Computer King Ada

Just like many favorable plans in the early days of Gogoro’s promotion, although the regulations clearly prohibit commercial use (you know), as long as high-volume users will feel that the extraordinary PBGN trip-to-full plan cost effective. After all, it is confirmed that it will “start” into history from next year. Continue reading Gogoro announces that it will no longer offer an all-you-can-ride tariff plan from next year, and existing customers will not be affected (unless the plan is changed).
Gogoro is canceling its all-you-can-eat pricing plan in 2023

Gogoro announced that it will no longer “provide the all-you-can tariff plan” from next year, and existing customers will not be affected (unless the plan is changed).

At first, it was a limited plan for users to pre-order the Gogoro electric scooter. Later, it was opened to provide an all-you-can-ride plan at least 899, which is basically considered as commercial A dream solution for high volume users.

However, the subsequent experience suddenly began to focus strictly on commercial use, and then let go because the practice was too radical. Judging from strategies such as subsequent price increases and contract cancellations, it can be seen that the Gogoro Network energy department hopes to gradually make the all-you-can-eat tariff, once considered God’s plan of fulfillment, into history.

Today, the Gogoro Network officially issued a letter to PBGN contract users on the “Explanation of the adjustment of the round-trip tariff plan”. confirm,From January 1, 2023, the Gogoro Network will no longer provide travel-to-full tariff plans (including telecommunications and car purchase discounts) for new car buyers..

This book should not be difficult to understand, in fact, it is the same as the exit mechanism of many Gogoro Network tariffs. Existing users will not be affected by the all-you-can-ride fee (at most, users with a contract discount after this will not be able to bind again, and will need to use the all-you-can-ride plan for the original price).

“Gogoro Network: Currently, all users, including owners of the all-you-can-ride plan, will not affect the price, billing method and related rights without actively changing the tariff. Rest assured !”

Even if the current PBGN owners want to grab this doomsday plan, they can choose to switch to the all-you-can-drive plan before December 31, 2022. Basically, as long as the vehicle hasn’t ‘to transfer or the program has been changed, it can continue to be used until it is full.

The all-you-can-ride program is the same as Gogoro’s previous offers such as maintenance-free or monthly rental discounts, and is an early promotional method for this energy system during the sprint period. Although the original trip is full, and the trip is more than 1,600 kilometers for two consecutive months, a mechanism to confirm whether the very high usage user is commercial or not will be implemented. However, because Gogoro’s official approach was too radical at the time, which caused a lot of backlash, he finally chose to apologize and will be mercifully noted for commercial use.

“Gogoro Network: Continually improving the quality and experience of battery exchange services”

But obviously, if you want to maintain a certain quality of service, along with the cost of new solid state batteries that can be launched in the future. If the service is not rated (there is no sign of such yet… it should be), the unlimited mileage plan with relatively tight maintenance costs and which could lead to a deterioration in the user experience will require for an eventual exit mechanism to reduce the pressure on the service. this regarding.

▲ Picture: The explanatory picture provided by the industry when the debate about the all-you-can-eat scheme started in 2020 (Source: Gogoro)

The “full power satisfaction” of the energy services provided by Gogoro Network has only been under the premise that other opponents have tried to capture the market with better performance. Although competitors also offer similar solutions, Gogoro Network also chose to let the drive-to-fill solution go. It can only be said that this is indeed a strong man’s decision to break his wrist.

To some extent, it is very confident in its current tariff plans and services, and believes that even if it does not ride to its full capacity, it will still be able to attract consumers to choose energy system vehicles Gogoro network under the competition in the future.

▲ Image source: KYMCO

As for whether such a policy will cause changes in Taiwan’s electric vehicle market (whether it chooses another system or reduces the attractiveness of electric vehicles), I believe that future sales results should provide an answer soon. However, when Ionex’s sales shuffle was announced and it jumped to second place, the news of riding until it was full was announced. Gogoro, currently sitting first, may not be too nervous, but the other PBGN partners who are still sprinting don’t know what to think…

That is, leaving does not necessarily mean that there will be no future resurrection. (The original pre-order also said take the opportunity to ride 899 until you’re full)

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