“Golf Pitchaya” reveals that the “Four-Nong” relationship is friends.

“Golf Pitchaya” reveals that the “Four-Nong” relationship is friends. He didn’t dare ask too much, fearing that the other party would curse.

caused netizens to think about the relationship of the singer “Four” Sukonrat” and the young actor “Nong Thana”, because both of them will have a clip of cute moments for fans to smile all the time. And they are both single. He did this for netizens to wonder if the two were closer than friends. Recently, I had the opportunity to meet my best friend “Four”, as the young man “Golf Pichaya”, so he did not miss the question. He revealed the that young golfer

“In my opinion, I think Four and Nong should get nothing. Probably be friends I think it’s more cheesy to shoot tik tok. Personally, I didn’t go to ask Four in case he would curse. Because we are friends, we don’t want to interfere with who he is dating or whether or not he has someone to flirt with. But the past boyfriend has some questions Now I want him to have a girlfriend. Revealing the story of a sister giving birth I have another boyfriend. When I went to America, I still haven’t met. I have already received a gift for my grandchildren. Don’t transfer a lot of money Not even with a heavy charge. On the love side, he is happy. Now there are no plans to decorate. Let’s focus on the house, I want to finish it before other things Let’s talk about it. because he’s not serious about fiction.”

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