Goo Jun-yeop ♥ Seo Hee-won, first couple photo “I didn’t change my phone number on purpose for 20 years”

Photo = Vogue Taiwan

[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] Jun-yeop Koo and Hee-won Seo, who met their first love after 23 years, showed their affection for each other through the October issue of Vogue Taiwan.

On the 30th, Vogue Taiwan released the couple’s October issue appearance of Jun-yeop Koo and Hee-won Seo.

According to a Vogue official, Seo Hee-won arrived at the studio holding Gu Jun-yeop’s hand and introduced Goo Jun-yeop as “the new man.” The two always held hands throughout the filming and looked at each other with a smile, showing the appearance of a lovely couple.

Seo Hee-won said via Vogue, “I was really surprised when he (Goo Jun-yeop) called. Joy and sadness were mixed.” “I didn’t change my number. There are some things I didn’t want to change on purpose. That’s the number we used when we broke up 20 years ago,” he said.

The two talked until the morning, and even after that, Goo Jun-yeop called Seo Hee-won every day. The two decided to get married because they wanted to see each other for a month after video calls every day. Due to Corona 19, he could not go back and forth between Taiwan and Korea without his family. Seo Hee-won said, “I said I should ask about this 20 years ago,” recalling the time Jun-yeop Koo proposed to him.

Goo Jun-yeop and Seo Hee-won announced their marriage in March. The two, who dated 20 years ago, reunited after 20 years and got married. At the time, Goo Jun-yeop said, “I’m trying to continue the love I’ve had with the woman I loved 20 years ago. I couldn’t waste any more time that had passed, so I proposed marriage, and she accepted, and decided to register the marriage and live together.”

Goo Jun-yeop and Kang Won-rae appeared as a Clone male duo in 1996 and enjoyed popularity by leading the Korean Wave in the early days. Currently working as a DJ and painter.

Seo Hee-won played the female lead San Chai in the Taiwanese version of Boys Over Flowers, ‘Meteor Garden’, and was loved not only in Taiwan, but also in Korea and Japan.

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