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LOS ANGELES. The Argentine actress Linda Cristal, the glamorous brunette girl of American cinema of the 50s and 60s, exotic beauty of unforgettable western films and TV series stars On the borders of Arizona, died last Saturday at her Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles County at the age of 89 from natural causes. The announcement of the disappearance was given by the son Jordan Wesxler to New York Times. She was born as Marta Victoria Moya Burges in Buenos Aires on February 23, 1931 to a French father and Italian mother, both of whom died in a car accident in the Argentine capital (from which only she, 13, miraculously escaped), considered by many to be a double suicide. After a blazing career she retired from the scene in 1985.

Linda Cristal begins her career by acting in itinerant shows, where she is discovered by the Mexican director Miguelito Aleman who makes her debut, without being credited in When the fog lifts (1952). In four years he has shot nine films, all of little relevance, but his way of acting on the scenes is noticed by Universal emissaries, who without hesitation convince her to move to Hollywood, where he signs a contract with the studios and debuts in the film The saga of the Comanches (1956) by director George Sherman. Two years later she is already known to the American public for the acting offered in A history of the West, always directed by Sherman, and in 1959 it is appreciated even more in the noir The Puerto Rican by Paul Stanley. Meantime Licensed in Paris (1958) by Blake Edwards allows her to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Debut Actress.

With special permits Linda Cristal reaches Italy, and is the protagonist of Cineccità in three historical-mythological blockbusters, The legions of Cleopatra (1959, by Vittorio Cottafavi), The woman of the pharaohs (1960, directed by the Russian Viktor Tourjansky) and, later, in The green flags of Allah (1963, by Giacomo Gentiluomo and Guido Zurli). Linda Cristal starred in the highly successful western The battle of Alamo (1960) by John Wayne and the following year is in the cast of another great western classic, They rode together by John Ford. In the 60s Linda Cristal switched to television: her role in the 97 episodes of the series was famous On the borders of Arizona (1967-71), where she plays the role of the protagonist, Victoria Cannon. The Cannons live on The High Chaparral ranch, and the head of the family, Big John, is married to Montoya’s daughter Victoria. The Montoya live instead in the Montoya Ranch, under the aegis of Don Sebastian, father of Victoria. This role will win her the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series. On TV he then starred in episodes of the show Bonanza, On the roads of California e Fantasilandia.

Returns to the cinema will be increasingly sporadic for Linda Cristal, as the films testify Panic in the city (1968) and, above all, To hard muso (1974), alongside Charles Bronson. In 1985 he returned to Argentina, the protagonist of the soap opera Rossé. Then the definitive farewell to the artistic profession interrupted only in 1988 for a small part for the TV series General Hospital, where she had acted in 1963. For over 30 years Linda Cristal lived as a luxury pensioner in her Palm Springs residence, often returning to her Buenos Aires villa. The actress was a lover of actor Adam West and two businessmen, Arthur Symington and Marshall Shellhardt. She was married three times with two divorces and an annulment: first marriage with Charles Collins (canceled), then with the industrialist Robert W. Champion, finally with Yale Wexler (she separated in 1966), from whom she had two children, Gregory and Jordan. Linda Cristal was fluent in Spanish, Italian, French and English, as stated in her official biography.

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