Government Savings Bank takes full responsibility Entered the wrong house, returned 20 items, but the owner did not accept.

The Government Savings Bank explains the cause of the wrong housing renovation news taking full responsibility for the damage

From the case that appeared as news that the Government Savings Bank had seized assets and demolished the wrong house. In the Pathum Thani State area, the Government Savings Bank would like to clarify the following facts:

The Government Savings Bank has acquired assets from the auction, house number 99/44 Wanasiri Park Ville Village. Lat Lum Kaeo Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pathum Thani Province, 12140 for 1.6 million baht, and the bank later hired outside contractors to renovate houses bought at auction. to be in good condition and ready to sell without demolishing the house in any way. But there was an error renovating the wrong house. which is partly due to House renovated and houses bought by the bank Both of them are similar. and there is no house number plate Currently, the external contractor has completed the operation. cause a significant change in condition to the house in question as shown in the attached picture.

By the way, before renovating the house to remain for sale Outside contractors have moved many items inside the house. and retained by the bank after the operation was completed and it was found to be the wrong house renovation The bank has continuously contacted the house owners. In addition, there was a joint discussion on September 20, 2022, where the bank apologized for the mistake that occurred. and request the delivery of 20 items of preserved items such as CD players, wooden desks, books and offerings to the house owner and claim compensation for the above items Including other items totaling 2.2 million baht The bank has arranged another meeting on October 4, 2022 to consider the claim. and assess the true value of the damage

The Government Savings Bank confirms that it will take full responsibility for the damages caused. and apologize for this mistake If there is any progress, the bank will inform further.

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