Grace Kanklao was stolen from the house Sweeps loot of brand names totaling 3 million baht.

by Grace Kanklao Post a photo of the message on your personal IG, write the caption, “Don’t panic. steps in progress According to any CCTV Coordinating the matter with the police, now I’m confused, confused, confused …I don’t knowwww.”

where it reads in this picture: “Last night thieves broke into Grace’s house. Stole a total of 3 million brand name bags + Chanel No. 5 perfume bag, Chanel Boy gold, silver, white-black, Prada cream gold, Fendi gray, YSL red, Chanel 6 bracelet. A, Fendi belts, necklaces, rings, earrings, Bulgari Chanel Dior and many other brands all. swept it away

For starters, I’m going to file a complaint now. Any store to buy brand name bags that know the news Before buying, please check the list of items attached to me. so that the thieves are not taken Including if there are any clues, please let me know on the job number on the profile page, comment or DM me. Now I’m trying to find pictures of everything. I am disturbed. Private Grace is in the condo. and home no one was harmed. Thank you very much”

with people in the entertainment industry including fans expressing concern along with saying he wants to get his stuff back and catch the thief quickly.

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