Growing Muriyad in 700 Acres in Six Steps : Nattu Visesham

Muriyad Farming in 700 Acres in Six Phases

Monday, September 26, 2022 12:49 PM IST

Iringalakuda: Land preparation for starting Patasekhara Samitika farming in Muriyad Kayal area of ​​Redupil and farmers.
Muriyad Kayal Thekkepadam, Kakkad, Union Padav, Pattikajati Ko Lappadav, Kaipullithara, Pullur Mekhala Karska Samiti Padasekharam Starting with 700 Patasekharas in six stages Preparation for agriculture. For increasing the depth of the CAILDC Canal by asking earlier Agriculture is fast so that there is no water in the roads Helped corn farmers. Six Stages for Water Pumping at Padashehars in Nila Four big motors of 50 hp each from KILDC Payogikumen Iringalakuda Pullur Mekhala Kayal Cooperative Farming Association Siddhartha KK Said Joy.
Later, other motors of 30, 20, 10 and 5 HP will also be used. Early harvesting can be completed by January and February. Farmers said that they will not only get a good yield but also a good one.

If the time is delayed, the yield will decrease and the damage will increase. They said that if it rains, we cannot guarantee that we will get paddy. Many farmers wait until the water recedes to plant crops, it’s a knife. Sometimes it can be reversed due to farmer prices. If the crop is harvested late, it is more likely to be caught in the rain. Due to three days of heavy rain last May, the entire Mae crop is gone. Many people could not harvest, carry the harvested rice or store hay. October, although the crop had started earlier last year. During the rains in November, the bund was pushed away and the knot broke completely. When the water came back the seeds and the seeds were destroyed.

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